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Math’s Free Lesson of the Week

Another great lesson available for free this week. In an engaging way you’ll be able to teach your students about these themes:

  1. divisibility
  2. the difference in number between A and B
  3. telling how many times A is bigger than B
  4. telling both the difference in number between A and B in numbers and in the number of times bigger or smaller
  5. finding the distance if the time and speed are given
  6. finding the a percentage of a number.

The lesson is appropriate to students between 11-13 years. Below you can find links to the lessons on yTeach portal.Image

For UK-based Curriculum – click here

For International Curriculum – click here

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Quotation Form on yTeach


Every school is different and as we have over 5000 schools from all over the world registered with yTeach, we decided to better recognize their varied needs. We have therefore introduced Quotation Form on yTeach. To receive an offer for your school, district or even your “homeschooling facility” just fill out the form and click send. We will be glad to provide you with a quotation catered to your needs and possibilities.

Hope you are as excited as we are about this new feature.

Below you will find quick links to the forms.

For UK-based programs – get quote

For international programs – get quote

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yTeach.co.uk portal in use – interview with eLearning and Innovations Director

Recently we had the pleasure to host Elaine Cork from Gravesend Grammar School in Kent, England. She gave us insight about the portal usability and suggested new features based on her school’s needs. Watch this interview to find out what’s the history of Gravesend School becoming digital.

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Elementary particles – resource of the week

resourceThis week’s free resource about the elementary particles can be a great introduction to the concept of particle-based world and to the activities of STFC – Large Hadron Collider.

This digital lesson will introduce atoms, nucleons and electrons, strange elementary particles, quarks, antiparticles and antimatter, annihilation and creation and standard model – a great range of topics presented in a varied interactive way.

Now, at the website of the LHC you can find a handy guide to the basic physics concepts – called LHC “Big Questions”. Among others they ask the following:

  1. Why do particles have mass?
  2. How did our universe come to be the way it is?
  3. What kind of Universe do we live in?
  4. What happened in the Big Bang?

Put these questions as tasks for your students and see what answers they can come up with based on their knowledge and the lesson’s input.

The importance of connecting theory and activity with practical knowledge and recent research outcomes is undisputed. Let us know how your students liked the digital lesson and how they coped with LHC Big Questions.


UK curriculum teachers click here
International teachers click here

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Free resource of the week

Relativity unveiled

class activity menu

This week we are sharing a great, multimedia-packed class activity about the theory of relativity. It was designed for learners aged 17-19 and is rich in content and different comprehension tests. After completing it your students should be able to:

  • explain the equivalence principle
  • explain how GPS receivers work
  • apply the theory of relativity in everyday situations
  • describe the effects resulting from the general theory of relativity including the deflection of light, the precession of the orbits of planets, the slowing of time and the curvature of space.

Engage, teach, revise

Take advantage of this engaging set using the links below. These resources will be available for free only until Saturday, 23rd of June.


UK curriculum teachers click here
International teachers click here

yTeach relativity 1yTeach relativity 2yTeach relativity 3

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Simple as that!

We’ll start with some pretty basic info about us.

"yTeach class"

  1. Yteach portal creator and owner is Young Digital Planet (YDP, we call it) – a company with over 20 years of experience in supporting educational solution to schools. YDP has a multitude of products and services designed exclusively for schools, teachers and learners. You can learn about all about it on our website.
  2. Yteach has been around for 5 years now, all of the resources were prepared by professional teachers (from UK) in cooperation with programmers. It was a  beta version first, tested in several schools in the UK and then made available to the world-wide teaching community.
  3. There are actually two almost identical portals (yes, but quite different when it comes to the curriculum layout):
    yteach.co.uk – for UK schools and schools with UK-based curriculum. Visit the portal.
    yteach.com – for the schools around the world, with a flexible and adaptible curriculum structure. Visit the portal.
  4. There are 30.000 resources available for science and math subjects on upper primary, lower- and upper-secondary level. All of them are interactive and highly engaging. Among them you will find lessons, whiteboard presentations, student activities and many more…
  5. We are passionate about what we do (both professionally and personally). Our team are constantly trying to make the modern teaching experience better for you – educators. One of many examples is yTeach Academy project launched at the beginning of 2012. Learn more about it here.

Are you curious about anything else relating yteach?

Feel free to post any questions or comments below.

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Yet another blog?


You’ll say: “The best digital resource for teaching? It’s obvious! The one which aids education in a smart way.” And yes, you are right.  We believe we managed to have created one – yteach – teacher’s workspace and resources for modern teachers which makes it easy to use smart ICT solutions in any classroom.

So why this blog?

To share great stuff about our portal, resources and teaching in general. We hope it can become a platform for exchanging teaching ideas and experiences (not only those connected to yteach) with other teachers around the world (and we mean the world as our service is used in schools in over 50 countries worldwide now).

Why now?

It’s spring here, in Europe – the best time to start new things. And even better for great things like this blog.

What can I expect from this blog?

Quality materials about teaching math and science subjects (but not only!). We’ll have lesson of the week, polls, surveys, lesson plans and education-related news from around the globe. And quite soon we’re going to organize “Teacher of the Month” regular contest to award teachers who break their backs to motivate their students with diverse activities and still have time for leisure.

So if you’re already using yteach, follow this blog to enhance your experience with this portal.

If not, stay in touch and see for yourself why ICT-aided teaching is beneficial (and fun as well) for teachers, students and education in general.

See you soon…

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