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the right Blended learning mix

DSC_0754Once again yTeach team joined the leaders of international education at the IB Africa, Europe, Middle East Annual Conference. We have enjoyed every bit of the event from the enormous interest in our digital solutions for teaching to lovely weather and food. Presentations about blended learning and technology in the classroom confirmed the need of implementing technology in schools but at the same time reassured the need for passionate and open-minded teachers in the redesigned schools of the future.

According to Denise Perrault, IB Head of Online Learning, already 100% of students in secondary schools in Singapore use online learning. And using it becomes a standard across the world, edit1regardless of the development level of a country. Being used in over 50 countries including USA, Vietnam, the UK, New Zealand and Mauritius, yTeach is a powerful example of how technology can help reduce the impact of limited resources of school districts and classrooms in particular on the quality and relevance of the teaching material.

Watch yTeach new video cases to see how successfully it is used in daily teaching across the globe.

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yTeach.co.uk portal in use – interview with eLearning and Innovations Director

Recently we had the pleasure to host Elaine Cork from Gravesend Grammar School in Kent, England. She gave us insight about the portal usability and suggested new features based on her school’s needs. Watch this interview to find out what’s the history of Gravesend School becoming digital.

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Parabola here, parabola there

Some people see parabolas just on the blackboard or smartboards in the mathematical context. These people are obviously wrong, as parabolas are virtually everywhere, like, say, taxes or Starbucks. To give you a quick example: a goal kick in football, human-cannon shot or angry birds game as Tim Chartier writes in his blog post. They all involve a body (sometimes literally) moving in a parabolic motion.

At yTeach we prefer playing basketball to practice parabolas (more sweat and fun + no birds get hurt). And you can easily explain how they work in the context of a game with all math input right there on the same screen. Take your own parabola personal free shot here. Show it to your students and don’t forget to bring an actual ball of some kind into the class.yTeach parabola free shot

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Yet another blog?


You’ll say: “The best digital resource for teaching? It’s obvious! The one which aids education in a smart way.” And yes, you are right.  We believe we managed to have created one – yteach – teacher’s workspace and resources for modern teachers which makes it easy to use smart ICT solutions in any classroom.

So why this blog?

To share great stuff about our portal, resources and teaching in general. We hope it can become a platform for exchanging teaching ideas and experiences (not only those connected to yteach) with other teachers around the world (and we mean the world as our service is used in schools in over 50 countries worldwide now).

Why now?

It’s spring here, in Europe – the best time to start new things. And even better for great things like this blog.

What can I expect from this blog?

Quality materials about teaching math and science subjects (but not only!). We’ll have lesson of the week, polls, surveys, lesson plans and education-related news from around the globe. And quite soon we’re going to organize “Teacher of the Month” regular contest to award teachers who break their backs to motivate their students with diverse activities and still have time for leisure.

So if you’re already using yteach, follow this blog to enhance your experience with this portal.

If not, stay in touch and see for yourself why ICT-aided teaching is beneficial (and fun as well) for teachers, students and education in general.

See you soon…

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