The science behind football

footballWith Euro 2012 football (I mean soccer, of course) tournament well in progress, there is little else that would capture your football-loving pupils attention. One obvious thing it can be used for in the classroom is to introduce topic of probability. With 18 different sets of student activities, yTeach portal makes it easy to go about this not-that-obvious aspect of mathematics. You can click here to view the activities.

But not only math(s) is easier to explain by making a reference to football realities – how else can you explain all the different forces, acceleration, friction, movements and balance if not by taking your class out to the pitch or school yard, playing with them and discussing the science behind it? Naturally, you can also use yTeach resources – like this one – to introduce the subject or give your students the general idea and to review their knowledge when back from the pitch.

Not very common but quite successful in my opinion is the astronomy reference in football prepared for such occasions by our team – you can easily make your students get the big picture of the universe and grasp the dimensions by showing them this neat animation.

And Chemists – be sure to check this brilliant article on

As you can see you can successfully utilize the Euro 2012 hype in your teaching and make your students enjoy learning from it.

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