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WED’s celebrate!

It’s the World Environment Day tomorrow. And although, on average, people know less and less about the surrounding environment we, as animals, are still very dependent on it. Some species adapt to it like turtles, some alter it like termites. Humans do both – thanks to reasoning they can evaluate more or less precisely what would be more effective in any given situation.

“But we are humans. Don’t we know everything already?”

That’s something you are very likely to hear from some of students. And we need to tell them: “No, we don’t”. And learning about the ‘why’s and ‘how’s of the world around us is especially very important nowadays (when the young generation seems to be rather disconnected from the surrounding world) and can be more than reading about extinct species, their successors and features.

Free like in “off charges”?

Yep! To help you enrich your lessons we have made a whole class activity on yTeach completely free for you to access. It will be available for use until Sat, 9. It was designed for lower secondary level, years 14-16.

So take advantage of this great set in your teaching – watch the videos, do the simulations and exercises and then do a revision somewhere outdoors for the students to really grasp the omnipresence of relations in even the smallest environment (social and biological).


UK curriculum teachers click here
International teachers click here


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