Yet another blog?


You’ll say: “The best digital resource for teaching? It’s obvious! The one which aids education in a smart way.” And yes, you are right.  We believe we managed to have created one – yteach – teacher’s workspace and resources for modern teachers which makes it easy to use smart ICT solutions in any classroom.

So why this blog?

To share great stuff about our portal, resources and teaching in general. We hope it can become a platform for exchanging teaching ideas and experiences (not only those connected to yteach) with other teachers around the world (and we mean the world as our service is used in schools in over 50 countries worldwide now).

Why now?

It’s spring here, in Europe – the best time to start new things. And even better for great things like this blog.

What can I expect from this blog?

Quality materials about teaching math and science subjects (but not only!). We’ll have lesson of the week, polls, surveys, lesson plans and education-related news from around the globe. And quite soon we’re going to organize “Teacher of the Month” regular contest to award teachers who break their backs to motivate their students with diverse activities and still have time for leisure.

So if you’re already using yteach, follow this blog to enhance your experience with this portal.

If not, stay in touch and see for yourself why ICT-aided teaching is beneficial (and fun as well) for teachers, students and education in general.

See you soon…

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One thought on “Yet another blog?

  1. Hi, so glad you liked our blog. Please feel free to use anything you think would be helpful for learning and teaching. If you have a list of good educational blogs on your site please add us to it.

    Check out our reading page here:



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